MacGregor MacDuff Photoshoot


We were absolutely thrilled to receive a phone call from The King of Kilts, McGregor & MacDuff, asking us to collaborate with them on their summer photoshoot. Kirsty explained that their upcoming promotional shoot would be taking place at the fabulous Culzean Castle and it was an opportunity that we just could not pass on.        

We carefully selected dresses that we felt would not only work well the venue, but that would sit alongside the kilts from McGregor & MacDuff, complementing the styles and colours that were chosen. It was a touch choice, but I am sure you will agree that the Kenneth Winston and Nicole Spose gowns that we chose worked wonderfully.


It was an early rise on Thursday 7th June and the 5.30am alarm call certainly felt like a middle of the night shout out, however, with the sun already splitting the skies it wasn’t too difficult to jump out of bed and make the journey down to Ayrshire. We arrived at 7.30 and instantly fell in love with the venue. I have been to Culzean Castle a few times when I was younger, but I had forgotten just what a magnificent place it was. With sprawling fields of green grass, opulent castle buildings and views that would suit postcards, it gave me goosebumps as I drove down the driveway.

Our space for getting ready was in the Stone Barn and it had a lovely rustic feel to it. Rows of Kilts were already hanging up and there was an excited bustle about the place as the girls from McGregor & MacDuff introduced themselves and explained the proceedings for the day ahead. Our model for the day was the beautiful Debbie, and Siobhan on makeup had her looking like an elegant bride within minutes, a great model to show off some of our gowns that’s for sure.

It was straight to work and our first photo call was at 8.30am before any members of the public arrived. The courtyard was a perfect place to start the day. It had a rustic yet luxurious feel to it and through every archway was a view that simply took your breath away. The models took to it like a duck to water and were relaxed, comfortable and altogether beautiful right from the start, and that wasn’t just our girl Debbie 😉 The male models in the kilts would certainly melt a few hearts, not just ours

We moved on to some beautiful gardens where we were joined by our little flower girl and mini groomsman and if I am honest, these little characters stole the show. They were so professional, worked amazingly well with the photographer Cat, and no matter what they did, it was perfect. I think they will both have sound careers ahead of them.


Camellia House was our next stop and it was breathtaking. The glass exterior and beautiful gardens would make a great wedding venue and it was the prefect place to put Debbie into our Kenneth Winston gown. The train detail was perfect for the staircase and I think every single person was bowled over by the dress. It was also the place to showcase some very funky tartan trousers.

Finally, as the day began to draw to a close, we descended the staircase to the beach and thankfully Yvette from McGregor & MacDuff had sprayed us all with midge repellant. Scottish beaches, sunny weather and the sunset drawing ever nearer meant that the little blighters were out in full force, however, it didn’t stop us getting some amazing shots.

It really was such a fantastic day, and the time just disappeared. The 5.30am alarm call became a distant memory very quickly and the whole team worked so well together that overall it was not only a wonderful experience, but a great way to make some new friends within the wedding industry. We can’t wait to see the finished shots from Cat and look forward to building a strong friendship and partnership with McGregor & MacDuff over the coming months.


Team Bridal Courtyard x

Meet the Team

Bridal Gowns –

Kilts –

Photography – Cat Mackie Photography

Model – Debbie Roulston

Makeup – Siobhan Morton